What are the 5 domains of holistic health?

Each of these domains intertwine and support each other. Holistic health isn't just focused on the physical body. Holistic health combines five aspects of health, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. When combined, these five areas allow a person to live their life in the happiest and fullest way.

If one area is compromised, there is a chance that another area will be affected. Today we'll look at the five aspects of holistic health and how you can support each one with simple but effective practices. If the 5 pillars of holistic well-being; our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being are in homeostasis. We have a much greater capacity to thrive and grow, to withstand life's challenges and stressors with ease.

Because if all of these foundations are strong and connected. Our energy strength, our well-being, is more likely to flow. That's why today many people are leaning towards more holistic approaches, towards holistic or alternative medicine rather than more contemporary medicine. Learn about the 5 main pillars of holistic well-being, what holistic well-being and holistic integrity mean today.

Lynette Onusko
Lynette Onusko

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