Is holistic health christian?

ALL HEALING IS NOT FROM GOD We believe that certain alternative therapies have spiritual roots that make their use inappropriate for Christians and unwise for anyone. We do not accept the statement that all healing comes from God and, therefore, is good. Any type of healing that can occur through these therapies is not worth the spiritual cost. Therefore, from a biblical perspective, it is always wrong to follow some therapies, even for “good reasons”.

Magazine articles and the media aimed at Christians, and even many Christians themselves, tell us to give up alternative medicine. They tell us that he is a false or anti-Christian god. Those who declare that their therapies and remedies can treat or cure conditions must provide the kind of verifiable evidence of the effectiveness and lack of harm that contemporary medical care expects. As one explores holistic nursing, other issues arise that are problematic from a biblical Christian perspective.

Holistic ministry takes place in holistic congregations, where Christ's disciples live their salvation in a loving fraternity. Although the Federal Health Agency does not test herbal remedies, manufacturers are required to provide evidence of the quality, safety, and effectiveness of a product. A holistic approach also means that the entire church unites toward a unifying vision of ministry that recognizes the unique gifts of each individual member. Holistic ministry sees people through the eyes of God, as bodies and souls created to live in a healthy community.

Therefore, some alternative doctors reasoned that if a person took coenzyme Q10 as part of a daily nutritional supplement regimen, it could slow or stop the aging process and the person would be assured of better health. If it could be understood holistic in this way, Christians would have no problem accepting and using the term. But while these objectives characterize the greatest appeal of holistic health, they also attest to the basic problem of movement, that is, its subjective foundations. They may hear anecdotal stories from friends about shamanism that relieves arthritis pain without drugs, Therapeutic Touch increases the speed of healing after wounds, or Reiki relieves a chronic health condition.

HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE- Variety of Approaches The holistic health movement encompasses a wide range of alternative approaches to health care. In Germany, the Federal Health Agency created what became known as Commission E to evaluate the safety, efficacy and quality of herbal remedies. HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE: Not Recommended I admit that some holistic health practices, biofeedback and chiropractic, to name two, offer a measure of therapeutic value. In other words, alternative medicine is most often used to supplement (or supplement) standard medical care.

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