How to become holistic health coach?

Research to Find the Right Program. Talk to people who have done it. The beach is my happy place and here are 3 science-backed reasons why it should be yours too. Look for an educational program that enables you to become a holistic health coach.

Some universities and colleges offer training programs, and you can also find a number of programs online for holistic health instructors. Choose one that fits your budget and schedule. On the other hand, if you're keenly interested in the ins and outs of nutrition and how the body processes, responds to, and uses food, Precision Nutrition's health training certification might be right for you. Precision Nutrition claims it helps students “master the science of nutrition and” the art of training, which is great, those are the two main skills you'll need to succeed as a health coach.

The Precision Nutrition program takes a deep dive into the science of nutrition, so if you're not yet familiar with human anatomy and physiology, expect to brush up on the scientific jargon you'll find in the program. Because Precision Nutrition is available to anyone, no prerequisites are required, the course tries to put things in simple terms, but you can't expect to completely avoid medical terminology. To choose the best health coach certification programs, we launched an extensive network that includes programs with specialties such as Precision Nutrition Level 1 and college-level programs such as Emory University. All certification programs come from reputable companies with a successful track record of training and certifying health coaches.

Finally, we include programs that require potential students to have a certain level of education, training, or certification even to apply. My certification as a holistic nutritionist and later as a certified PN2 coach not only allowed me to be a better coach, but also increased my base rate as a retail consultant, writer and recipe developer. The programs we have linked to above emphasize a holistic (or comprehensive) approach to health training, and they are all regulated. Demand for empathetic and well-trained health counselors is expected to experience strong growth in the coming years.

Regardless of the way you do it, Russo says that building your community and finding mentors you trust and respect is key to establishing and growing a health coaching business and can be useful if you want to host events such as retreats and workshops in the future. We are CCE accredited through the International Federation of Coaches and approved by the American Association of Drug-Free Practitioners and the Canadian Alliance of Health Coaches. For people who need guidance, motivation and responsibility to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, hiring a health coach can be a worthwhile investment. I had never heard of health counselors before working at Well+Good and it became my job to interview wellness experts for a living.

From Sears Wellness Institute to advanced-level college programs such as Emory University and Duke Integrative Medicine, this range of training programs demonstrates just how broad the field of health training is. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is known for its, well, integrative approach to health training. If you're excited about your decision to become a holistic health coach, now's the time to prepare by gaining the knowledge and skills you'll need to help people make positive and sustainable changes in their lives. For six years, I ran an in-person nutrition practice outside my home and also worked part-time at a busy health food store.


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